Don’t Ask God. You feed them.

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Something to Think About

speakmountainThere is a time to ask God for things, and there is a time to go get them yourself with God’s empowering.

Too often we are asking God for things when he has given us all the tools and authorization for us to do things ourselves. When the disciples went to Jesus with the problem of feeding the crowd, what did Jesus tell them to do? Did he say “You’d better start praying hard”? No. He said “You feed them.” (Matthew 14:16)

I’m not in any way advocating we stop tapping into God’s divine provision, strength, and abundance to start living life in our own strength. God forbid! I’m saying we need to learn how to release God’s provision, strength, and abundance ourselves without asking God to do it for us.

We need to use God’s authority on his behalf instead of asking God for him to use his authority…

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