Book Review for “Dispencia-Vol. 1” -Children’s Christian Fiction

Dispencia is a Christian allegory. Great kids book. Fun and full of talking animals and funny characters. Will be reading book 2. I think that it was a little cheesy, but kids will love it. I give 4 stars for kids. Three for adults and older teens.


2 thoughts on “Book Review for “Dispencia-Vol. 1” -Children’s Christian Fiction

  1. I like reading your book reviews. I struggled to read or write when I was a child. Eventually I taught myself how to read when I was a young adult by trying to read the bible. I use to sit there with various versions of the bible, a dictionary, Strong’s concordance and journal and pen. If I didn’t understand what I read I was research it and rewrite it in my little book. It was a long process, but I was desperate to learn. It was worth all the trouble, as I love reading. Being a late starter I don’t have an extensive knowledge of what authors or genres I like. I was just saying to God I wish I could find some good fiction Christian books. Your reviews are very helpful. Thx

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